Meeting your needs

At Kintsugi Counselling I provide an accessible and flexible counselling service. My clients can choose what method of counselling is right for them and meets their access needs. It is important to take some time to consider which of the options below would suit you. Consider whether you find it easier to talk to someone face-to-face or whether online might assist you in accessing counselling.

I will work with you to ensure the integrity of the therapeutic process  if we are using an online platform or the telephone, we will discuss how you can help ensure our session remains private. In our 15 minute introductory call we can discuss further what will suit you and your circumstances.

Options Available

Face to face Counselling

Offers clients an ‘in the room’ experience which allows both counsellor and client to pick up on the visual cues that we all use to understand things beyond what is said. Being in the same room allows the experience of being supported by your counsellor who is physically present. Where there are complex issues or challenging life experiences to explore in the ‘here and now’ being in therapeutic relationship together in the same room can be very powerful. The counselling rooms I use are private and relaxed allowing clients to feel comfortable to work through the issues they are facing. There are some challenges that clients face where face to face counselling is highly recommended.

Online Counselling

Offers an excellent alternative to face to face counselling, allowing clients to access therapy from their own homes, or some other confidential space. This method of counselling can also be a part of blended counselling for clients who travel for work and cannot always access face-to-face counselling.
I use the Zoom platform which allows us to see and speak to each other using encrypted software. There is also the option to turn the camera off to use the audio only, and you can turn your self-view off if you find that distracting or uncomfortable. Sessions are conducted in the same way as in the room counselling. We can discuss this in more detail to decide what suits you best and I can provide an advice sheet on how to set up the Zoom technology on your computer.

Telephone Counselling

Offers an opportunity to receive your counselling from home or another confidential space without the concern of the use of technology. Sessions will take the same format as face to face or online. Sessions will be booked for specific times and you will need to ensure that you are not going to be disturbed or distracted to make best use of the session. Whilst there may be the opportunity to book a session at short notice it is important to note that this is not a 24 hour emergency support service.

For telephone and online counselling there are some things you might have to consider ensuring you are able to access the session. Firstly, you will need a working landline or mobile for telephone counselling, a computer, laptop or device with a camera for video counselling, with reliable access to the internet. I would encourage you to think about using headphones with a microphone to preserve the privacy of our conversations. If you have any questions about accessing the technology required, please get in touch and I can help you.


In 2024 I am training in the following so I can offer a wider range of therapeutic options for my clients.

Walking and Outdoor Therapy

Living and working on the edge of the New Forest it is only right that I work to offer clients outdoor therapy, often referred to as walking therapy (but it doesn’t have to involve walking). Being in the outdoors may suit some clients better and there is much evidence about the benefits of being outdoors, in nature and our beautiful countryside, on anxiety and depression.

Single Session Therapy

Offers clients a focused session on your immediate needs. It is helpful if you have a very specific aim for the session. You will be able to take away and reflect on the session and, after processing and taking action, then decide whether a follow-up session is required. This can work around your commitments and may be a good introduction to therapy.